My Life Is Destroyed

“This has destroyed my marriage, my livelihood, and my self-esteem. My children blame me for our divorce. It has been over a decade, and I am still struggling to pick up pieces and try to find a life again.” — R.H.

I Trusted Him

“On my first visit, he saw I was terrified. He promised me I was safe in his office — that nothing would happen to me. After the abuse started, crying, I asked him why he had done this to me. He said, ‘Maybe if you didn’t trust so easily, this wouldn’t have happened to you.'” — L.S.

His “Fun Girl”?

“I first saw him because I was deeply grieving the death of my family, anxious, and suicidal. When I started to get better, he told me he wanted me to be his ‘fun girl’ because his wife wasn’t ‘fun’ anymore. I spent my therapy sessions trying to figure out a way to keep his tongue out of my mouth at the end.” — A.L.

It feels like someone is taking a scalpel to your soul and slowly, deliberately, and systematically slicing you up into pieces.