Have you been a victim of therapist misconduct or abuse?

Resources are available. Some of these sites do a wonderful job exploring the effects of transference, the dynamics in therapist abuse and misconduct, the “slippery slope” of boundary violations, and avenues available for recourse. Other sites explain the legal options available and go in-depth with information that will help other victims decide how to proceed with their abuse cases.

Here’s a list of therapist misconduct and abuse resources that helped me:

Understanding What Happened to You

  • TELL is one of the top websites on the Internet about therapist abuse. There is a ton of excellent, helpful, and heartrending information on this site. It was the first site I found and helped me feel a lot less alone.
  • Surviving Therapist Abuse is also one of the best sites on the Internet about therapist abuse and misconduct.
  • This provides an introductory overview of therapist abuse. Unfortunately, the link in this page that is supposed to connect to a more expansive website isn’t active. The information here is helpful though, and is a good page to send people who want an overview instead of other, more in-depth articles.
  • This site has quite a bit of information. While there are a number of statistics and information geared more towards professionals in the field, it also has a lot of information to help victims understand what has happened to them.
  • different webpage of the same site just above. It may be a better starting place in explaining the issue.
  • This webpage is short, sweet, and a good bullet-point list of the problem.
  • An academic article about “When Therapy Causes Harm”.

Legal Advice

  • The website for the legal office, Winer, McKenna, and Burritt, LLP, has a solid page of articles and resources for people who have been victims of therapist abuse. Whether or not you’re in California, there is a lot of good information here.
  • A strong article by a legal practice about the issue of sexual misconduct by health professionals. They delve into some legal analysis a little more than some of the other sites.
  • Another website by an attorney that deals with sexual misconduct among mental health professionals.
  • Information for dealing with Licensing Boards and how to find out more information about the perpetrator.
  • legal document filed with the Supreme Court of Florida. It has some helpful information in it, and may be of help to an attorney
  • More information in a Q and A format on an attorney’s website.

Shocking Video!

There’s nothing else to say. This interview with Ken Kramer of CCHR delves into the lack of prosecution in the State of Florida. Interestingly, when I talked with the Florida Department of Health a few months ago, the person I spoke with seemed completely unaware they were required to report this to prosecutors.

The man interviewed in the above video link is with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). CCHR is an advocacy group that investigates and exposes psychiatric human rights violations.


This article is fairly lengthy and is geared more towards sexual misconduct by physicians than mental health professionals. It does have some good information, though I must state a possible TRIGGER WARNING. The last part of this article is really aimed at helping physicians get out of a sexual misconduct charge unscathed. You may want to skip the last section. It is vile to me how many people think this issue should be under rug swept.

I hope some of these are helpful.